Tuesday, 10 June 2014

This infographic depicts the average age which certain animals may be expected to reach, based on the reports of zoos and the estimates of biologists. The data was acquired from the Field Museum of Natural History.
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Vintage Visual Language: The Story of Isotype

in the 1930s, Austrian sociologist, philosopher and curator Otto Neurath and his wife Marie pioneeredISOTYPE — the International System Of TYpographic Picture Education, a new visual language for capturing quantitative information in pictograms, sparking the golden age of infographics in print. The Transformer: Principles of Making Isotype Charts is the first English-language volume to capture the story of Isotype, an essential foundation for our modern visual language dominated by pictograms in everything from bathroom signage to computer interfaces to GOOD’s acclaimed Transparencies.
 The real cherry on top is a previously unpublished essay by Marie Neurath, who was very much on par with Otto as Isotype’s co-inventor, written a year before her death in 1986 and telling the story of how she carried on the Isotype legacy after Otto’s death in 1946.Richly illustrated and contextualized with fascinating historical essays, The Transformer is a vital primer for a visual langauge that not only frames much of today’s communication but also speaks to us on a powerful intuitive level.


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