Monday, 10 March 2014

anara tower

What is that thing in the middle at the top of the proposed Anara tower in Dubai? In most of the renderings it looks like a wind turbine integrated into the building, but when you look closely (image below) you can see that the hub is inhabited and that it is supported by the three blades. So now architects don't even bother with the real thing, they just borrow the imagery and put fake turbine-like things on the top of their buildings because they look cool.

This Skyscrapper will be called Anara Tower, and while it's not going to be the tallest in the world (it'll be about 500 feet shorter than the Burj Dubai at 2,150 feet), it's still incredible all on its own. The defining element of the Anara Tower is the massive propeller-like structure at the very top, at the center of which will be a glass-ceiling hub containing one of the world's most luxe restaurants. Strangely, the propeller doesn't rotate. Inside the tower there will be 300 super-expensive apartments, a 250-room luxury hotel and gardens every 27 floors. It will have a total of 125 stories.


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