Thursday, 5 June 2014

lady, bath, germany

The lady bathing in the lake. Have you seen this big lady who is larger than life? Some called her ‘The lady of the lake’, some called her ‘A giant mermaid.’
She measured about 12 feet (rising from the water), in Hamburg’s Alster Lake, Germany, as a floating Sculpture. She was designed to look as if she was taking a bath in the water. The three piece work of art, included her head and two knees and she certainly got people talking. Some Tourists even hired boats to get a closer view. The statue was created by Oliver Voss, but please don’t book a ticket to Germany to see it.

A giant head with made-up lips and eyes floats above the Inner Alster Lake in central Hamburg. Together with the naked knees sticking out of the water, it belongs to “The Blonde,” or “The Mermaid,” a gigantic sculpture that weights about two metric tons, and is four meters high and 30 meters long (approx. 13ft by 98ft).


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