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Big Springs Gardens,Sierra Nevada.

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Sierra Nevada Mountains are located in California, also known as the Range of Light by the famed American naturalist John Muir. Its slopes are filled with evergreen spruces, pines, and firs and its peaks shimmer with the quartz and silica reflections of its granite outcroppings.
Sierra Nevada Mountains are located in California and Nevada. It is 400 miles long between Fredonyer Pass and Tehachapi Pass. The mountain range name means snowy mountain range.
Sierra Nevada,a mountain range in the United States. It lies almost entirely in California; a small section near Lake Tahoe juts into Nevada. The range is some 400 miles (640 km) long and 40 to 80 miles (65 to 130 km) wide. For most of its length it rises abruptly from the Great Basin on the east and slopes gently toward the Central Valley of California on the west. In the southern section, called the High Sierras, are 11 peaks more than 14,000 feet (4,270 m) high. One of these is 14,494-foot (4,418-m) Mount Whitney, the highest point in the United States outside Alaska.
Numerous rivers originate in the Sierra Nevada. Most of them flow westward to the Central Valley. Lumbering and grazing in the range are of major economic importance. The Sierra Nevada contains some of the finest scenery in the United States, including that of Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon national parks and Lake Tahoe.

California's Sierra Nevada, Spanish for "Snowy Mountain," is a massive block of granite, called a batholith. The Sierras stretches for 560 km (350 miles) and tilts to the west. Ranging in height from 4348 m (14,494 ft) high Mt. Whitney in the east nearly to sea level in the west, it contains the spectacular Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. The granite batholith intruded the crust during theMesozoic and was uplifted and faulted in theTertiary during the formation of the Basin and Range province to the east. Eroded material from the Sierra Nevada has filled the Central Valley of California, creating conditions for extensive agriculture and the 1849 Gold Rush.


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