Friday, 13 June 2014

beetle, strong, insect

 "Rhinoceros beetles are the world's strongest animals!" This statement may raise some eyebrows! We all know that elephants can carry hundreds or thousands of pounds on their backs. Even camels can carry as much as 300 pounds with ease. If we had rhinoceros beetles carry what camels can on their backs, rhinoceros beetles would surely be squashed! Well, when we talk about how strong an animal is, we are not comparing the actual weight that it can lift. Instead, we are comparing how much an animal can carry related to its own weight. Elephants can carry up to 25% of their own weight on their backs. Camels can carry about 20%. Leaf-cutter ants can carry about 30 times their own weight. But rhinoceros beetles can carry about 850 times their own weight! There's no doubt that rhinoceros beetles are the world's strongest animals!
The rhinoceros beetles are a subfamily (Dynastinae) of beetles in the family ofscarab beetles (Scarabaeidae).
They are among the largest of beetles and are so named because of the charactertic horns borne by the males of most species in the group. The male beetles use their horns in mating battles against other males. Their larval stage is long, several years in some species. The larvae feed on rotten wood while the adults feed on nectar, plant sap and fruit. Rhinoceros beetles are also the strongest animals on the planet, proportionally. They can lift up to 850 times their own weight.
Rhinoceros Beetle is back with their first full length album Dungeon Crawler. Once again, the duo makes MIDI magick, pulling influence from dance, metal, and noise rock, as well as their love of video games and science fiction.

Dungeon Crawler moves you through an electronic soundscape, which is every bit intense as it is danceable. Lost in a fantasy world of brash beats and epic battles, you'll find yourself being dragged to an alternate universe where unimaginable creatures and people exist. Tales of maniacal robots, evil dragons, and monstrous man-eating kings are accompanied by a flurry of beats and a non-stop onslaught of synth wizardry. 
Rhinoceros beetles wear black armor. They have long, large horns sticking out of their heads. In fact, they were named for these horns, which resemble those of rhinoceroses. Rhinoceros beetles use their horns for many different things. They use them for digging holes in the ground as hideouts.