Saturday, 14 June 2014

Voilet Flowers Skaura Japan

The cherry blossoms, called sakura in Japanese, bloom at a time when there are lots of new beginnings. Of course it’s the start of new life in the land. But in Japan, it’s also the start of the new school year, it’s when college graduates start new jobs and it’s also the start of the new fiscal year for Japanese businesses.
In honor of the Hanami, in my previous entry I posted a folk song called Hana(Sakura) or Cherry Blossoms. Here’s another traditional Japanese song that’s called Sakura Sakura…
Sakura, Sakura is a traditional Japanese folk song depicting spring, the season of cherry blossom.
The pentatonic (five-note) scale that is most familiar to us is derived from steps 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 of the major scale. Melodies like Oh, Susanna and Weevily Wheat are based on this scale. Sakura, Sakura is based on a distinctive pentatonic scale that includes half steps between some of the notes.
English Lyrics
Sakura, Sakura, blossoms waving everywhere.
Clouds of glory fill the sky.
Mist of beauty in the air,
lovely colors floating by.
Sakura, Sakura,
Let all come singing.
Sakura, Sakura,
Blossoms waving in the breeze.
Yoshina, the cherry land,
Tatsuta, the maple trees,
Karasaki, pine tree grand,
Sakura, Sakura,
let all come singing.


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