Thursday, 15 May 2014

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St. George and Zion National Park are destinations where a multiple-night-stay is essential. In fact, there's enough to see and do in St. George and Zion National Park to fill an entire vacation.  The communities of St. George, Utah,Hurricane, Utah and Springdale, Utah are beautifully situated near Zion National Parkand the region's many other national parks, monuments and scenic treasures.

The St. George Utah area landscape folds out like an open book, revealing a geologic history that stretches back millions of years and exposes the most striking scenery found anywhere. This is a region of contrasts, from the Mojave Desert at 2,000 feet above sea level to the 10,000-foot Alpine wilderness on the ridges of Pine Valley Mountain.  The crown jewel of it all is Zion National Park.  Add to that the 12 golf courses, state parks, ghost towns, canyons, coves, cactus gardens, historical pioneer buildings, mountain biking, horseback riding, road cycling, hiking, photo opportunities


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