Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Cockroaches are winged insects found in nearly every part of the world. Although they are one of the most primitive living insects, they are very adaptable and highly successful. Some of the species have invaded human habitats and are considered pests since they can spread disease.
Cockroaches win the prize for most repulsive household pest. In some areas of the US, like inTexas and Florida, cockroaches (also known as roaches) are a way of life, frequently making their un-bashful way into homes. There are many ways to prevent cockroaches, although in cockroach-prone climates (such as in damper climates), preventing roaches does not always work to keep them out all of thetime.

Interesting Cockroach Facts

·         A roach can live a week without its head! It will only die once it has no mouthbecause it can no longer drink.
·         Roaches can run up to 3 miles per hour. No wonder they are so hard to catch!
·         Young cockroaches need only a crack as thin as a dime (about .5 mm wide) to crawl into. Adult males can squeeze into a space of 1.6 mm., or the thickness of a quarter.
·         There are 4,000 species of roaches
·         Cockroaches are nocturnal and will usually run away when exposed to light. This translates into: Wear your slippers when getting out of bed at night!
·         American cockroaches have been known to live up to 3 months without food or water.
·         Cockroaches can survive in freezing temperatures.


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