Saturday, 15 February 2014

inside flight

How do you usually get to the airport? I guess it depends on the city that you are in and the proximity of the airport to where you are staying as well as the cost of taxis versus public transport routes. And if you have lots of bags, then sometimes it is a sanity saving measure to hop in a taxi rather than wrangle multiple or heavy bags onto a train. 

At Hong Kong Central Airport Express Station, you can self check in your baggage all the way to the plane (and your subsequent destination) so all you need to do is carry on whatever you don't want to check through. The train, which many locals swear by to get to the airport, is clean and fast and it doesn't take long to arrive at the airport.

At 79.5" (202cm) long (82"/208cm on the upper deck) the Upper Class Suite has the biggest fully flat bed when compared with other airline's business class. Across the shoulders the bed is 33" (84cm) wide, over a foot wider than both BA's Club World and First Class beds.

The Upper Class Suite has a 22" (56cm) wide seat pitch, making it not only wider than both BA's seat pitch, but wider than many of our key competitors' first class seats. It also has full lumbar support and comes with its own ottoman, which doubles as a seat for a guest. So business can be done with a colleague or a drink can be shared with a friend.

The seat flips over to become a fully flat bed at the touch of a button. This allows for the two sides to serve completely separate functions - a fully contoured seat on one side covered in soft leather, while on the reverse the bed is built of firm, highly supportive foams covered in a breathable fabric for maximum sleeping comfort.

With a maximum of four Upper Class Suites across the width of the cabin (as opposed to BA's eight) every Upper Class Suite gives you your own personal space with direct access to the aisle - even the window seats. And all of the seats face forward.


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