Friday, 2 January 2015

Energy drinks don't really give you energy. By drinking it, you're tricking your brain into thinking that you have extra energy.

Two sisters who had grown apart. One lived in Florida, the other in Ohio. After having not seen each other for several years, one sister decided to drive to Florida to see her sister. At the same time, the sister in Florida decided to drive to Ohio to see her sister. Neither told the other of their plans. At about the halfway point, a head-on collision took the lives of both sisters. The head-on collision was one sister running into the other.

energy drinks

Bears do not urinate while they hibernate. Their bodies convert urine into protein and use it as food.

Myspace was purchased by News Corp for $580 million in 2005 and sold by News Corp for $35 million in 2011.

President George H.W. Bush considered having Clint Eastwood as the Vice President.

A World of Warcraft player had 36 accounts on 11 computers simultaneously and raided by himself!

You forget why you entered a room because passing through doors causes the brain to forget what we were thinking about.

It is illegal to own a flamethrower in every U.S. state except California.

Marijuana was used to treat absent-mindedness in Ancient China.

Michael Tolotos, who died at the age of 80, never saw a woman other than his mother and he wasn’t blind!


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