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When we consider Gujarat, there may be many places to visit. But these are the places which are worth visiting. These placesare on the top, if we look for the best places in Gujarat. Modhera and Patan are two places in Gujarat, which are very beautiful. They are lively examples for the beauty of Indian Architecture. Ancient temples in India are a very good examples of Indian Architecture. Here also, we can find beautiful temples and other ancient buildings which are proud for the Indian Architecture.
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Don't miss to visit Modhera, when you are in Gujarat. This small town is situated about 120 kms away from Ahmedabad. The town has an excellent and huge Sun temple, which resembles the famous Konark Sun Temple. 

King Bhimadeva I , who ruled the Saurashtra region in the 11th century AD, is said to have built the beautifully carved Sun Temple at Modhera, between 1026 AD and 1027 AD.

The temple is divided into three main sections - the main temple, a huge pond comprising a lot of idols, and a hall in between. The temple's architecture is so good, that we don't get proper words to express its beauty.


After Modhera, Patan is another beautiful place in Gujarat. Rani ki vav (step well) is an excellent example for Solanki architecture. The statues in the well and the entire style of architecture is so lively. 

It was built during the last decade of the 11th century by Rani Udaymati in memory of her husband, Bhimdeva I of the Chalukya Dynasty. The Vav is decorated with around 800 stone sculptures and reliefs. No other step-well in India is as profusely adorned as this. 

Pata is situated around 130kms from Ahmedabad. The city is also famous for 100 Jain temples and Patola silk sarees.
Gujarat Tourism has taken attention of people all over world. The breathtaking landscapes and extremely beautiful palaces, architectures, beaches and museums are the main reason why the cities of Gujarat are so popular all over the world. Certainly Gujarat has become one of the most desired tourist destinations one can visit.

To make your Gujarat Tour most memorable one just check below List of Important Places to Visit in Gujarat. It will help you to experience Gujarat with a broader and clearer perspective, by arming you with the requisite information and insights about Gujarat, and helping you in clearing the cobwebs of ambiguity and popular misconceptions.

Best Honeymoon Spots in Gujarat in June
High altitude honeymoon spots in Gujarat like Mandvi Beach, Kutch Rann, and Dumas Beach Surat are the places which can be best visited in the month of January to April.

Places to Visit in Gujarat in January
Somnath Temple, Kutch Rann, Sabarmati Ashram Ahmedabad etc…

Places to Visit in Gujarat in February
Dwarka Temple, Pavagadh Temple, Vijay Vilas Palace Kutch etc…  

Famous Places to Visit in Gujarat in March
Diu Beach, Ambaji Temple, Sasan Gir Forest, Vijay Vilas Palace Kutch etc…

Places to Visit in Gujarat in April
Dumas Beach Surat, Swaminarayan Temple Ahmedabad, Kaba Gandhi no Delo Rajkot etc…

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat in May
Gujarat is attracting newly married couples too. For newly married there are many hotspots in Gujarat. Diu - Daman, Saputara Hill Station, Dumas Beach Surat, Sasan Gir Safari etc…You can visit this places in monsoon or summer.

Places to Visit in Gujarat in June
High altitude honeymoon spots in Gujarat like Mandvi Beach, Kutch Rann, and Dumas Beach Surat are the places which can be best visited in the month of January to April.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Gujarat in July
Kevadia Colony, Narmada Dam, Girnar Temple Junagadh etc..

Important Places to Visit in Gujarat in August
Chotila Temple, Ambaji Temple, Mandvi Beach, Jalaram Temple Virpur etc..  

Top 5 Places to See in Gujarat in September
Sasan Gir Safari, Dholavira Kutch, Nageshwar Jyotirling etc..

Places to Visit in Gujarat in October
Kutch Rann Gujarat, Bhuj Kutch, Diu - Daman etc…

Best Honeymoon Spots in Gujarat in November
Ambaji Temple, Dwarka Temple, Nageshwar Dwarka, Dholavira Kutch, Sabarmati Ashram Ahmedabad etc…

Good Places to Visit in Gujarat in December
Kevadia Colony, Narmada Dam, Saputara Hill Station, Dumas Beach Surat etc…
This is the shortlist of the Best Places to Visit in Gujarat. There are even countless other Places to Visit in Gujarat for that you have to come and explore Gujarat. Most welcome to Gujarat, Enjoy your stay…
It is to bring you the essence of Gujarat in a virtual platform, which can help you to better understand and enjoy the real Gujarat.
If you know any other Places to Visit in Gujarat let us know. Please do share your views about your Trip to Gujarat and Places to Visit in Gujarat.

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» Gujarat Beaches - With a long coastline extending to 1,600 kms the state is dotted with some of the finest beaches of India. The coastal area is also popular for Portuguese forts, shore temples, port cities and beach resorts. Some of the major beaches of Gujarat are : the Mandvi at Kutch, Gopnath beach at Bhavnagar, Dumas beach at Surat, Diu beach at Junagadh and Bet Dwarak at Jamnagar are some of the finest beaches on Gujarat shoreline. With some beautiful sea side resorts, these beaches offer wonderful site for picnic.

» Gujarat Wildlife - Gujarat's varied land form with dry deciduous forests, majestic grass land, wetlands, marine ecosystem and rich moist deciduous forest are home to some varied and unique wildlife. The state has a number of wildlife sanctuaries including the most popular Gir National Park which are home to some rare wildlife like the Asiatic Lion, Wild Ass, four-horned antelope, Black Buck and the great Indian bustard in the bird sanctuary are some rare species preserved in Gujarat.

» Gujarat Hill Stations - Stands at an altitude of 1000m above sea level, Saputara is a picturesque hill station of Gujarat. It offers its visitors some beautiful parks, swimming pools, gardens, several resorts and hotels with a pleasant climate. All these make it an ideal holiday spot during summer months. The hill station also offers several handicraft items and jewellery to its tourists in various shops.

» Gujarat Monuments & Temples - There are also several historic monuments and temples in Gujarat which are symbols of its glorious history and rich culture. Among the monuments the Sidi Sayed Mosque, the Vav(step well) at Adalaj, the Sabaramati Ashram are some of must visited places in Gujarat. It is also home to some of the popular Hindu temples like the Aakshardham temple at Gandhinagar, Somnath Temple at Junagada, Sun Temple at Modhera, Dwarkadhish Temple at Dwarak, Sri Adishwara Jain temple are some of the most visited monuments of Gujarat.

Fairs & Festivals :
Gujarat can be called a “Land of Fairs & Festivals for its numerous fairs and festivals celebrated in different parts of the state every year. These are generally associated with the change of seasons, religious events or the time of harvesting. These fairs and festivals offers the visitors an excellent opportunity to experience the diverse cultural and religious identity of the people of Gujarat. Some of the major ones are : the Navratri, Modhera Dance Festival, the Kutch Mahotsav, Dhuleti, Diwali, Rath Yatra, Raksha Bandhan, Bhadra Purnima etc.

Shopping :
The markets of Gujarat offering numerous variety of shopping items including exquisite handicrafts, colourful fabrics, intricate jewellery, crafted furniture etc. The markets of Gujarat has something to suit every taste and every pocket.


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