Saturday, 12 July 2014

In the past, 3 people have tried to sell Coca Cola’s secrets to Pepsi - Pepsi informed Coke and the FBI.

Coca Cola was first made in Atlanta, Georgia. To this day, the headquarters of the brand remains in Atlanta. In fact, Atlanta is home to the World of Coca Cola, which features flavors from around the world. While visiting, you'll be able to try 70 different beverage products.

On May 8, 1886 Dr. John Stith Pemberton made the first batch of syrup for Coca Cola. Another fun fact was that Coke was originally intended to be a type of medicine. This was typical of many sodas in the 1800s. Another fun fact is that Pepsi would be invented just a few years later in North Carolina.

Coca Cola would have a very successful run. For almost a century the brand had grown by leaps and bounds. But, in 1985 New Coke was introduced. This was not a good time for the Coca Cola Company. Consumers across the country banded together until the drink was redone. Coca Cola Classic hit stores shelves shortly after the biggest marketing mistake in history was made.

While Coca Cola is quite popular, it's never been seen as the hip drink that Pepsi is. Pepsi has spent most of their marketing funds on the younger generations. But, is that really enough to keep consumers interested in the brand after they grow up?

Pepsi was originally made by a pharmacist and was named “brads drink”.

Pepsi was the one and only foreign product sold in Russia in exchange for vodka and other alcoholic beverages.

Pepsi had a difficult time in China because they had a hard time with the translations.

Pepsi had a slogan which meant will bring your ancestors back from the dead and sales went up.

Pepsi had a slogan that meant you will have the mind of children and sales went down


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