Tuesday, 4 March 2014

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About Iglu-Dorf Zermatt

Lying in the whirlpool and enjoying the open view of the Matterhorn - that is only possible in the Igloo Village in Zermatt. This winter, the Igloo Village below the Gornergrat ridge offers 34 snow beds, now also including a Romantic Igloo Suite with a private whirlpool.
Adrian Günter built his first igloo in 1996, to better enjoy the mountain and first powder snow of the day. Following an avalanche of interest from friends wanting to sample an igloo night, he increased the number of igloos and opened the "small world in white" in 2006, with 7 villages across Andorra, Switzerland and Germany now accepting guests.
Moving three thousand tons of snow every December to build each village, Adrian invites artists from all over the world to craft sculptures inside each village. With only an ice pick, motor saw and shovel, artists produce seals, arctic wolves, polar bears and whales as well as swirling designs and patterns illuminated by candle light to look over the guests from the walls.
The villages are open from Christmas day through to the beginning of April each year, snow conditions permitting. With 10,000 visitors in 2010, all ages have enjoyed the cosy hospitality of an expedition sleeping bag and sheepskin rug, from the youngest 19mth old baby to an 83 year old lady guest.

A variety of igloo options are available in the different villages, from Standard and Group igloos, to  Romantic-plus igloos. Each category includes usage of the whirlpool or sauna. The team has even built a church including an altar and baptismal font for a wedding party. Every village is equipped with a large igloo hotel lobby and bar where the evening meal of Gerber fondue and 'vin chaud' is served. The top range Romantic igloo suites with a private whirlpool even include their own toilet, although you'll not want to spend too long sitting on the seat!


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