Wednesday, 12 March 2014

roller coaster, japan

This is one of the most unique world roller coasters. Found in the Cosmo Land Amusement Park, Yokohama in Japan. This roller coaster as the name suggests goes under water contrary to the others. The roller coaster comes with such a high speed making the water around to splash around. This is such a fascinating place to be but not for the cold hearted as it phobia of driving under the water tunnel can make them faint easily.
The tunnel is built underwater such that it makes it look like the roller coaster goes deep into water. It is 744 meters of length and it takes up to two minutes to reach the other end of the tunnel. It requires one to be of 120cm minimum height to qualify to ride the roller coaster. This is the only place one can get a degree of unearthly joy.
There are also other services provided in the park such as a baby center where parents can let the infants play around and also change their diapers comfortably. There is also a reception which also people can find their lost and found items. There is also a Ferris wheel, spinning coaster and other interesting facilities in the park. There are other 32 facilities in the park including the other mentioned above. This is the right place to be for that thrilling experience you ever wished for.


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