Wednesday, 9 April 2014

marbles, cave

  Chile Chico is a quite place the most beautiful place to visit here is The Marble Caves or the Capilla de Marmol (in Spanish).
Only reachable by boat or kayak, take a ride on the aqua blue waters of Lake General Carrera until you reach The Marble Caves, where the Cathedral  is located.

The caves are an extremely special geological formation of varying colors of monoliths of marble, that have formed by waves over the past 6,200 years. There are pillars, tunnels and caverns that you can drift through and explore when waters are calm.

Marble Caves, Chile Chico, Chile!he Marble Caves of Patagonia, Chile, are beautiful vibrant blue caverns, partially submerged in the equally stunning turquoise waters of Carrera Lake. The lake itself is on the border of Argentina and Chile, with the caves located on the Chilean side. The caves are comprised of three main caverns: the Chapel , the Cathedral , and the Cave.

 Visitors to the caves can explore them in a small boat or kayak, but only when Carrera Lake’s waters are calm and gentle. A rare and invaluable natural wonder, the existence of these caves is currently threatened by plans to build five large dams in the area. If you visit these caves, please treat them with the utmost respect and care.


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