Friday, 11 April 2014

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The Ebenalp (1,640 m) is the northernmost summit of the Appenzell Alps. The mountain is a popular hiking destination and has been accessible by cable car from Wasserauen since 1955. Ebenalp attracts up to 200,000 visitors each year.

From the high plateau of the cable car station visitors have a panoramic view of the rolling hills of Appenzell. Impressive trails start at the station and lead to a network of mountain huts. These hiking routes lead to popular sites such as Säntis andSeealpsee. The nearby Wildkirchli hut can be reached by hiking through a cave.

No place else in Switzerland is the alteration from the sloping view of Central Switzerland to the rocky snow capped landscape so sudden or magnificent as in the Alpstein range. Strong shake creations up to more than 2500 m elevated tower up as it would be if from no place. Profound, steep-sided valleys slice through this district. 

The challenging stroll from Wasserauen up to the Ebenalp offers marvelous perspectives of this intriguing climbing territory. After the first climb, you achieve the beautiful Seealp bay, with, behind it, the forceful Säntis mountain. Then again, the undisputed towering purpose of this track is the Äscher mountain restaurant. The restaurant is in the most dubious position, sticking to the foot of a vertical precipice face a great 100 m towering. 

The stroll starts at Wasserauen station and leads first up a considerable steep way to the Seealpsee. The tour adjust the pond which accompanies gives you more than enough chance to appreciate the grand landscape. Then the ascension up from the Seealpsee to the Äscher totally shows what you are made of. The mountain way goes up steeply in the slant and is altogether unpredictable. At last, after the Äscher mountain restaurant, a rough way leads on up to the Ebenalp with its extravagant views. Then the link-auto brings you once more up to the valley in only a couple minutes. 
Berggasthaus Aescher is NOT on the defeated track–yet is basically one of the accurate jewels of the Appenzell canton–and Switzerland by and large. A minor, cozy Gasthaus on the hillside/cliffside underneath Ebenalp, Aescher is interesting, humble, and the view is SPECTACULAR–this in a nation where uncommon sees are not that outstanding. 

Roosted on the edge of a bluff as an afterthought of Santis, the Aescher is just open May-Oct–and when you get there you’ll see why. Access is a test. Begin by heading from Appenzell town to Wasserrauen, stop in the Cable Car parking area, get a rucksack or modest overnight sack, and get the auto up to Ebenalp (runs each 3 min, however close down around 6 pm). 

Then the fun starts–setting your feet on a cleared trail that heads downhill, you stroll for 15 min (our first excursion we didn’t peruse the aide deliberately and arranged this with wheeled sacks), through a minor door, in a steeper slope up to the passage to a cavern. Then after 100 m of “Spelunking”, yet on a cleared trail, with a solitary light sphere enlightening the way, you turn out on the edge of a precipice disregarding the valley. Turning right you go past an old, cliffside church (“Wildkirchli”), opposite a scaffold over a territory where the bluff is sheer, and come around a corner to see this beautiful hotel roosted on a different ledge as an afterthought of the mount.

 The gasthaus is humble, with a little restaurant, consuming and guzzling platz, some inside eating, and slumbering lodging above. Over a century old, the administrators, Beny and Claudia have overhauled the spot, yet it holds the amazing history. Dozing is absolutely fundamental–3 quarters lives with 6-10 bunks each with Duvets, a specific latrine, no shower (water is all gathered by means of storage), no web or TV–yet who needs the proposed when you have the astounding see. The gasthaus draws in swiss individuals from everywhere regularly HIKE up the rise for supper or a late consume! Menu is average swiss, with loads of Roesti and wurst–however the nourishment and Appenzeller sharp flavoring taste incredible when looking at the sun set on Santis. 


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